How To Be More Creative: 13 Easy Ways To Stand Out

how to be more creative

Being creative is simply thinking outside the box. easy said than done. Lucky for you, you came to the right place. Enough said.

Here are 13 ways on how to be more creative.

1. 1+1= Something unique

Combining stuff. Have you seen roller blades? A shoe with wheels.

How about skateboards? A wooden plank with wheels.

And my favourite, fapoon. Im not making this up.

Try google it. dont tell me thats not creative. You can look up here for more example.

2. Be eager

eager to be more creative

This is kinda related with 1+1.

Do an experiment. Try new things. Let your mind do the talking. Do anything that you think might be THE NEXT THING.

3. Be a child

embrace inner child to be more creative

Children are filled with creativity. I mean c’mon, what creative thing you did when you’re younger?

Mine was, using all kind of bucket to build a drum set. Using a chop stick for drum stick. And I got a beating from mom afterwards for being noisy.

4. Watch Mr. Bean

boost sense of humor to be more creative

Do you know how many times i was amazed by him? He could come up with the most rediculous idea yet interesting and helpful.

Plus, humor make you feel good and it can encourage you to think outside the box. Who doesn’t want a lil laugh?

Also, did you know anxiety is good for you?

5. Go places with creativity content

how to be more creative

Im talking museum, art gallery, show & talent event, magic shop(you’ll be amazed).

Heck, even landscape sightseeing. I’m sure it will entice you.

6. Hope on an airplane

travel to be more creative

Besides museums all that, going places you never been may help with your creativity.

Take a picture or write down the things you find interesting there.

Try to implement it in your country in one way or another. People might admire your new ideas.

7. Take a break

take a break to be more creative

When youre tired. Your mind wont be that active. So, have a refreshment.

Get some power naps. Lie down on the floor. Meditate. Your brain need rest too so that you can be more creative.

8. Don’t be afraid to reach out

sharing ideas to be more creative

Simply talking or sharing ideas with someone is a good thing.

One might fill in the blank that you’re struggling with. Maybe even improve the idea of one might have.

Next thing you know, both or group of you own a company. Now that’s a dream come true.

9. Add some groove

listen to music to be more creative

Try painting while listening to music. Add feelings to it.

Let that melody do the work.

It can be disruptive but with the right song, mood and mindset, next thing you know your painting sold for 3 grand. Who knows.

10. Improve an item

What are the things you think that needs an upgrade?

Baby bottle. Boom…That’s one thing. Why you ask?

Here’s why.

Have you ever clean a babies bottle before? I remembered cleaning one YEARS ago, thanks to my aunt.

Especially when its been sitting there for awhile? There’s bits of harden milk at the bottom of it. So you need to use a metal bristle to clean it but its a hit or miss thing?

And I though of, why not just make two opener on each side? Its easier to clean right?

Right there I became the next Steve Jobs. Just kidding, turns out someone already had the idea but with normal water bottle.

You see, just look around and think of something that can be improve.

11. Ask ask ask ask

ask more question to be more creative

Ask lots of question. Be curious. Just don’t annoy yourself or someone.

Here’s one curiosity quote from Steve Jobs:

“Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity an intuition turned out to be priceless later on.”

Steve Jobs

12. Set 100 ideas

don't limit your ideas to be more creative

Sometimes you want the perfect thing to create or for your problem.

Instead of 1, ask yourself. Why not 100 ideas?

Don’t let your fusspot limit you. You’ll never know the 85th idea is 100 times better than your 3rd.

Get a pen and a paper and let that creativity flow.

13. Sit somewhere quiet

be somewhere quiet to be more creative

Last thing you want to be more creative is being in a hectic place. Your mind is all over the place.

Get up, grab your notebook and bounce.

I prefer places when there’s no one around me. Not even library. Well thats just me.


Mix things up if they can be unique and useful

Be eager and just head dive

Let your inner child come out to play and be more creative

Watch some comedy and boost your sense of humor

Go places filled with creativity

Travel and explore other side of the world

“Have a break, have a kitkat” – KitKat

Talk and share ideas with someone

Listen to music while doing something

look, examine, improvise

ask loads of question, be curious

Don’t limit yourself with ideas

Sit somewhere quiet and peaceful

There you have it! 13 ways to be more creative

Hope you beautiful people find this helpful and I wish all the best for you in the future.