Anxiety Is Good For You? Here Are 4 Simple Reasons Why.

anxiety is good for you

Yup, I said it right. Anxiety is good for you. I know, anxiety is exhausting, both mentally and physically. That’s for sure because I have them. You will see the benefits that anxiety gives you as long you’re aware and in control of it.

Here are 7 reasons why anxiety is good or you.

1. Signs of warning

anxiety gives you warning signs

It usually giving signs in your mind like, “Hey, I don’t think I want to be in this situation.”

And then you starts to shallow breathing, sweating etc. So what you do instead? acknowledge the signs, do the opposite in what your mind is telling.

Basically it meant to protect us from potential danger and make us react quicker.

2. Focus more on your goal

anxiety make you focus your goals

According to this, it has advantage for performance.

It actually makes you feel motivated in a way. Have you been in a competition?

Let say track and field for example.

Now imagine you’re on 1st place and the 2nd person trying to catch up on you. What happen to you?

That sense of anxiety somehow boost your stamina, performance or mindset even.

3. Someone’s buddy

anxiety person are more understanding and caring

Have you ever been with someone whom dealing with their personal problems and all of the sudden you two became like
bread and butter? I have.

See, someone with anxiety have this soft and gentle touch on them.

They know what he/she is going through.

They are more understandable, caring, lovable etc.

Also read this quotes for anxiety, it may benefit you.

4. Critical thinker

anxiety person are critical thinker

Heck i can see whats going to happen in 2023…im playing. Jokes aside.

Some people can handle the outcome pretty well and they know what’s coming before you tell them.

Some usually tend to think about the worst situation and confidently prevent it.


It gives you signs of warning

Anxiety makes you focus more on your goal

Person with anxiety is more caring and understandable

Anxiety makes you a critical thinker.

Note: Please seek professional help by all means. Your mental health is very fragile. Take care and be safe.