7 Ways To Be Polite But Firm To Someone Annoying

Be Polite But Firm To Someone Annoying

Honestly speaking, who likes to be annoyed? Not me that’s for sure. But we are a kind person who doesn’t want to hurt someone else feelings or maybe just want them to shut up. It takes courage that’s for sure but how do we be polite but firm to someone annoying?

How do we do it? We tell them in a polite yet firmness manner.

Here are 7 ways to be polite but firm to someone annoying

1. One word answer

Examples: “oh yeah?”, “huh?”, “really?”, “haha!”….you get what I’m saying.

This works like magic. Yes they might not realize in the beginning, word by word and eventually they will see it as you are not interested and they won’t bother anymore.

2. Make excuses

Examples: “Not in the mood to talk.” or “Sorry I’m busy.” etc.

You’re already annoyed and still let him/her continue with it? It is better to let it out and move on rather than just holding it in.

3. Roundabout style

Go around and avoid them as much as you can. Don’t have to say a single word. Like hide n seek if you may. If you got caught halfway, make an excuse.

Explaining or confronting them may sometimes drain your energy. Could even spark a conflict between you and them and your mood would be ruin. So? “roundabout style”

4. Be straight forward

You tried everything to be nice and polite and they still insist to annoy you. It’s time to pull out your courage.

Be bold and frank with them. “Hey, you’re being annoying right now.” or a simple “I don’t want to talk/entertain you right now.”

It is hard but sometimes a little “push” can make them realize that their being annoying and hopefully they will think before they act.

That’s my best go-to on how to get someone annoying to shut up.

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5. Talk to them nicely

A simple communication can go miles with it. Talk to them nicely when everything is calm and relaxed.

Sometimes they just need affection for them to listen and understand. Their up bringing could be different as yours so don’t be too quick to judge. Understand them, talk to them. Eventually they will come to their senses.

6. Listen to music

Pretty self explanatory.

I mean, would someone bother you while you’re using headphones?

Ignoring an annoying person is hard. Unless that person is really desperate.

7. Turn the table

I mean you really turn the table around. You be the annoyance. Anyone can be annoying right? So why can’t you?

Be 10 times worst than them. I bet they feel exactly how you feel when they are the annoying one.

But if they are your parents, don’t be stupid. Talk to them nicely and give them respect. I’m sure they are willing to listen.


Talk to them nicely. Who knows they will be your best buddies. Check this out for more information on how to work with irritating people.

Treat annoying people as someone who lack of love. They are already broken. They just need to be accepted. I’ll say go easy on them.

There you have it, 7 ways on how to be polite but firm to someone annoying. I hope you find these helpful.