6 Obvious Ways To Improve Low Self-Esteem

low self-esteem

Lets start with low self-esteem meaning. Its a sense of low self-worth in one individual.

Basically no confidence in their own worth. Check out here if you want more in-depth definition.

Low self-esteem is painful. We have them from time to time.

It made me feel unmotivated throughout the day during low but when its high, I kid you not, I can talk to whoever and whenever.

Here a 6 ways to improve your low self-esteem

low self esteem

1. Make that heart pumping

“What in the world”… I meant exercise.

Seriously, it helps. Regular exercise increase your level serotonin which elevate your mood.

Did I say it release endorphin too? Yeah, that good feeling hormones.

2. Appreciate little things

Someone open the door for you. Smile.

You went for number 2. Relief.

It may seem small but little do you know, it made an impact along the way.

3. Stop comparing

This is one of the cause of my low self esteem.

Example: You may see that person is living a happier life. But you don’t know he cried every night. While you sleep with a smile on your face.

Get what I’m saying?

4. Focus your strength

Do what you “good” at. Now take take “good” and become “better”. And be the next “best”.

From there you’ll see your self-worth. Slowly your low self-esteem will improve.

Some may not see the potential they behold. So challenge yourself.

5. Help the needy

Know someone who is in need? Visit them with a food, clothes or something you think will benefit them.

If not, walk down the streets and hand them a homemade sandwich, money etc.

Now, watch them smile the brightest smile. It gave you that sense of achievement. I promise.

6. Forgiving

Holding grudges will keep you in a negative cycle. Its just not worth it.

Forgive other to forgive ourselves. You’ll find peace in your life and also improve your relationship


Exercise regularly to release that “good feeling”

Celebrate small little things. Even after number 2.

Become the best at what you do.

Help someone who in need. To get that sense of “content”

And lastly, forgiving. To others and yourself.

Hope these tips help you to improve your low self-esteem.

Btw, I’m still working on “stop comparing”. Don’t judge.

Tell me, which one you is hard for you to improve?