6 Obvious Reason You Find Peace When Being Alone

peace when being alone

First of all, it is completely normal to be alone. Everyone needs their me time once in awhile. Some say it is selfish but really, it’s the opposite.

In facts, according to WebMd, says that having me time or being alone helps with your mentality, emotion and also giving you more energy.

So if you are wondering why, you came to the right place.

Here are 6 reason why you find peace when being alone

1. No Bull*hit

  • Don’t have to deal with unnecessary drama
  • Less expectation

2. Getting Things Done

  • No distraction in completing your assignment
  • Focus more on your goals
  • Eat whatever and whenever you want

3. An introvert

  • Maybe you did not realize that you are an introvert

Based on a national survey in 1998 (MBTI organization)

Number of people surveyed: 3,009

Males: 45.9% Extrovert and 54.1% Introvert

Females: 52.5% Extrovert and 47.5% Introvert

Total Percentage of Extrovert were 49.3% and Introverts are 50.7%

Just know that you are not alone…*wink*

4. Loved yourself more

Have you ever being alone after a day of socializing? The quietness is just relaxing. You start to appreciate the small little things and aware of your needs more.

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5. No influence

  • You feel the peace when being alone when you can do anything without being told what is right and wrong. Just decide your decision wisely.

6. Sparks creativity

Most of the artist or a writer prefer being alone. There is a reason for it. It makes them wonder. When your brain wonder, it’s easy to spark one or two awesome ideas.


Being alone is healthy sometimes. You get to love yourself more, avoid unnecessary conflicts etc.

Do note that being alone and lonely are two different thing.

Don’t let it be an escape route for your problems. It is better to face it than leave it be.