5 Caution Will Happen If You Sleep 1 Hour A Day

sleep 1 hour a day
sleep 1 hour a day

I get it, you’re curious. You ask yourself, “what happen if I sleep 1 hour a day”. A recommended hours of sleep for an average person is between 7-9 hours. So, A thought of sleeping 1 hour a day is really not a good idea.

Here’s what happen if you sleep 1 hour a day.

1. Risk of obesity

People who slept 5 hours or less will potentially experience weight gain and obesity than those who slept 7 hours or more. According to studies.

Additionally, getting enough and proper sleep will actually prevent you from gaining any extra weight.

2. More wrinkles

Due to lack of sleep, the body produce more stress hormones called cortisol. It affects your skin collagen to break down the protein and not be as elastic and smooth than they were. Still want to sleep 1 hour a day? Yeah, me too.

3. Unnecessary accidents

Have you heard of these accidents?

  • Three Mile Nuclear power plant incident
  • Chernobyl, nuclear plant disaster
  • Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill
  • Space Shuttle Challenger

According to sleepfoundation.org, some of these incidents are partly cause by sleepiness.

As stated by U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, yearly there is 100,000 road accidents, 70,000 injuries and 1,500 death. All that cause by drowsy/sleepiness driving.

4. Lower sex drive

Lack of sleep kills Libido.

What is Libido?

Its basically a term for sexual desire activities. You can read more about it here.

According to abc7, for about 1 year, researchers have studied 4,000 both man and woman in their early to mid 60s.

They found out that erectile dysfunction was associated to poor sleep for man and difficulty orgasm for the woman.

That doesn’t only meant for older age person. Any age could get any of these symptoms. Your testosterones will be affected due to lack of sleep.

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I’m sure neither one of you want any of these at a young age right? So start taking care of your body and sleep for at least 7hrs.

5. Poor memory

One of the common cause for forgetfulness is sleep loss.

Researches did an experiment with two groups of people. They did 2 experiment but I’m going to write on the 2nd experiment which i find pretty interesting.

They separated a group of 104 university student into two. An average age of 19 years old with nearly half of it is female. One group with sleep and the other with no sleep.

They did a misinformation test. Before they were assign to sleep/no sleep phase. They were shown a a couple of pictures including other two which is text description and questionnaire. That means everyone seen it without any sleep deprivation.

At midnight, the sleep group went to bed and should be awake around 8am. For the no sleep group, you guessed it, stay awake the entire night till 8am. So they watch movies, eating snacks, playing games, computers etc.

The results when they did a re-test in the morning,

There were no affect on the timing of the experiment in the morning but a lower memory scores for the no sleep group and on top of that, they falsely reported on the questionnaire.

Researches said that the sleep deprived group were more moody and sleepy than the sleep group.

Why Sleep Is So Important?

The answer is very simple and straight forward. Your body need to heal. Its vital for your organ to repair during sleep. In fact, you need to sleep to repair your body so that its ready the next day.

My absolute reason why its important is preventing depression.

Jama Psychiatry studied suicides death over 10 years shows that lack of sleep is one of the factor of these deaths.

Also, Australian and New Zealand Journal Of Psychiatry said that people with insomnia are more likely to be depressed.


It is not recommended to sleep less that 7hrs. Your body need to repair. If you’re feeling tired, go for a 20min power nap. The idea to sleep 1 hour a day is equivalent to no sleep at all.

It has no benefit. I mean sure you have more time to do things but in the long run, disaster awaits.

Money can’t buy you health. Ask the old folks, what they regret the most getting old. I bet one or two of them says not taking care of their health.