4 Secrets On How To Be Peaceful In Your Life

tips and tricks on how to be peaceful

Have you wonder, how to be peaceful in your life? You see, not everyday is sunshine and rainbows in our life. We likely have these blackness thoughts going through our mind.

It’s easy to say, “just don’t think about it” or like “it will get better”. Negativity will always or somehow overcome positivity.

When you try your best thinking about something positive, it sometimes make you more concerned and irritated which will lead to stressed.

So, how can you have that sense of harmony, emotional stable well-being, and get rid of harmful negative thoughts and achieve inner peace even when things are out of control?

Here are ways to find inner peace and have a peaceful mind.

1. Practice Acceptance

Alright yes, this is one of the difficult traits of mine to get rid of. Freeing from this can have a huge relief from anxiety and worries that keeps pulling me down.

  • Agree to disagree-You see, some(including me) have this nature of “everything must be according to me” or perhaps things must be perfect. It will not only make you go crazy but it will stress you out even more. Let go of this little mindless mindset and concentrate more on your goals. Plus, it affects your relationship with anyone. You don’t want to be called “Karen” right?
  • Complaining-Stop complaining and start finding solutions. Example: Yelling at your internet speed won’t help you boost its speed(imagine if that works, lol) Solution? Check your router or call your provider in case there is some maintenance.

2. Calm down when angry

Being angry really disrupt the idea of “how to be peaceful” It gets you out of focus. Like Michael Jai White said in the scene from Never Back Down 2, “I told you, an angry mind is a narrow mind.” Loved that phrase.

  • Challenge your thoughts– When you’re having unnecessary thoughts, stop and ask yourself this question.
  1. Is this really necessary?
  2. Is this rational?
  3. What am I doing?
  4.  I am angry now. I need me-time. 

It may sound funny but i can guarantee you it helps me dramatically. So in case you’re in the midst of heating up, stop and ask this question before reacting.

  • Breathe– I kid you not it worked wonders. In fact, according to Scott Dehorty, a Psychotherapist of Delphi Behavioral Health, he said “Breathing is the number one and most effective technique for reducing anger and anxiety quickly.” There you go, coming from a specialist. Any doubt?

Maybe try reading this anxiety quotes, it may help you find peace.

3. Find inner peace with yourself

It’s about finding that balance. Not just something you must achieve but making it into a habit and turning it into a lifestyle.

  • Be one with nature– We are not born to just live in a 4 wall box. It gets suffocating sometimes. Walk down the parks, bury your feet in sand, jump in the ocean(make sure you can swim), heck, roll down a grass hill. Just anything you can do with nature. You’ll feel a hell of a lot different compared to eating pizza and watching Netflix.. Not saying it’s bad, add a lil spice once in a while. 
  • Do good to feel good– I’m talking about good deeds. Have you ever given a dollar or two to someone who is in need? If yes, how does it feel? Somehow rewarding right? Even though you’re the one who’s giving, not receiving. That magical feeling will put a smile on your face throughout the day. I’m not exaggerating by the way and if you’re not, start today. Feel the peace and positivity energy in yourself. I mean, how to be peaceful if don’t give peace right?
  • Being honest and true to yourself– You know what’s the worst? Trying to be someone you’re not. If that’s you, well my friend, you will never find true peace. With today’s technology and society, it’s easy for them to dictate our choices. What’s the point of living to impress others? You will end up wanting the latest material which will never stop and lead to stress. Make your own choice, do what’s necessary.

4. Live a quiet and peaceful life

“I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone, best both for the body and the mind.” – Albert Einstein 

As we grow older, we get busy with work and goals we want to achieve. But that doesn’t mean we can’t live a simple, peaceful and quiet life.

Less interruption, people, mess etc. So, how to be peaceful?

  • Cared too much– Stop thinking about your neighbors or friends doing or keeping up with them. Yes it’s caring and all but you forget about yourself, it drains your mental health. 
  • Wise friends– This I’m guilty of. Yeah it’s cool and tough to be with the cool kids doing unwanted stuff, hanging out past midnight. Lo and behold, you longing for a simple and peaceful life. In the end, you realize they are not important and bring you no good. So keep it small and sweet. Filter which one is bad and good. 
  • Countryside home– One of my bucket lists. Nothing beats waking up in the morning, smelling the fresh air, the sound of birds chirping, rays of sunlight through your window curtain. So relaxing just by imagining it. 
  • Avoid unnecessary drama– Try your best not to get involved with people’s problems. I mean, everyone has their own problem. To add another burden? It’s mentally and physically exhausting. Not recommended
  • Temporarily delete social media– Be honest, when’s the last time you login to social media? I bet this morning. See, you’re addicted. I challenge you to spend time away from this “electrical drug” for a week and see how productive and peaceful you can be. It can be difficult at the start but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? 


Let go of this little mindless mindset and concentrate more on your goals.

Stop complaining and start finding solutions.

In case you’re in the midst of heating up, stop and ask the question above before reacting.

Breathe, I kid you not it worked wonders.

It’s about finding that balance

We get busy and that doesn’t mean we can have a simple and peaceful life.

There you have it! 

Tips & Tricks On How To Be Peaceful.

I pray and hope that one or two or all of these tips will help you in any certain way because it really did help me for the better.

I have told you what I’m guilty of in the post, now tell me which is yours.